My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia

Hornsea and Withernsea School visit and projects – 2019

29th June – 12th July 2019 saw the third visit from our friends and supporters from North Yorkshire, U.K. 4 teachers and 17 students made their way via plane and bus to MHVc. In two groups over 2 weeks they completed a Water pump well to provide a clean water supply to 6 homes in […]

New school for Mhvc

During October 2018 we embarked on reforming a house in Kralagh town ( some 20 Kms) from Mhvc into an English teaching school for local students and residents in this area. This school will be know as “The Academy for English Education”. The school will follow the tried and tested template used by Mhvc.  It […]

Success from Hornsea School Yorkshire

After many months of searching discussions a group of students and teachers from Hornsea sixth form and Language College came to MHVC in July 2017.  What a success they were not only in  the classroom but in project work within the community where they built 3 toilets for 3 poor families. An amazing group of […]


 MHVc held a dinner with music at Tasca La Sell Restaurant, Pedreguer, Eastern Spain on Saturday 20th May 2017..  62 friends and supporters attended.  A great time was had and 675 Euro was raised on behalf of MHVc. A big thanks to all those who supported this event. 2.  After 17 months of preparation our […]

MHVc update June 2016

Continuing on from the weather report of March update. On 26th April the school grounds and our classrooms were hit by high winds. Trees were brought down and we lost 50 roofing sheets. Fortunately no one was injured although the students were in class. We were fortunate to receive a donation from Mr and Mrs […]

News up date March 2016

1. Srey Da our student with walking difficulties continues to improve after her surgery last July but it is slow progress. A further visit with the surgeon is planned for late April for further medical appraisal. 2. In December and January MHVc were very fortunate to have had volunteers from Poland and UK. Igor and […]

MHVc update August 2015

MHVc continues to provide opportunities for all in our catchment villages and school. 1. I was at the project April – June and we dealt with some reorganisation of teaching staff and courses hopefully to improve the learning skills of our students We continue with our twinned school in Manchester, Clarenden Cottage and further penfriend […]

New Year 2015 report MHVc

To all those that have followed our progress and have supported MHVc we all wish you a very happy New Year 2015. We hope that life will be good to you all wherever you maybe and whatever you are doing. MHVc continues to grow stronger and we have now entered our 4th year of operation. […]

MHVC Horse Race Night, Spain 16th October 2014

On Thursday 16th October 2014 the above event was held at El Comercio restaurant, Denia, Spain. A profit after deduction of 1.488,00 Euro is declared and banked. Details: INCOME Euro Ticket sales: 1128 Sponsors: 300 Donations 721 Tote proceeds 272 Total raised 2421 Expenses Food cost 813 Race Promoter 100 Prize and Misc costs 20 […]

MHVc report July 2014

Since my last entry I am able to confirm that Teacher Lin has completed and passed his Intermediate English course and is putting those skills to work. Hopefully Teacher Chunney will attend a course this autumn. I am now able to confirm that the water filtration system at Brasat school is now in operation. There […]