My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia


Volunteers at MHV Cambodia

We offer our volunteers the opportunity to teach English to our students directly or to assist in the classrooms. Our students are eager learners and will appreciate all efforts made by you even if initially you feel that you lack confidence in front of the class.

Class times are:

  • Morning school: 8am to 11am – Monday to Friday
  • Afternoon school: 2pm to 5pm – Monday to Friday


We also offer working together with local farmers or fishermen. Much can be learnt and shared by immersion in the village environment. Our rural practices are organically based and would be attractive to eco friendly volunteers and others alike.

To ensure that volunteering is a satisfying experience we limit our volunteer numbers to a maximum of 3 at anyone time.

Accommodation at MHV Cambodia

Remember you are entering a different world to that that you are used to. We provide, for our volunteers, a village house of standard Khmer design and construction. The house also acts as our field office. It is fenced and safe.

We do ask for 10 $US accommodation cost per volunteer/per week to cover our maintenance and running costs.

We provide for each volunteer the following:

  • A sleeping mat
  • A mosquito net
  • A blanket


There is a gas stove for volunteers to use together with a range of cooking utensils, mugs, plates and cutlery. (You may wish to bring/buy your own on arrival in Siem Reap).

Beneath the house we have hammocks for daytime relaxation.

As is normal in country areas there is no electricity. We use a large battery to provide light during the hours of darkness. We suggest that you bring with you a torch and/or a head torch. Obviously there are no computer terminals, etc.

Sanitation is basic. Recently we have built a bathroom of brick construction. This contains a “Squat” toilet and facilities for bathing in private. Water is drawn from our pond for these purposes as there is no main water facility.

The school is a short walk from the house but you may wish to use a bicycle. We can supply bikes at a cost of about 40$. (Price depends on the cycle shop). If you wish to avail yourself of a bike let us know. Normally when our volunteers leave, the cycles are donated to our bicycle project but of course this is for you to choose.


Volunteers have the opportunity of spending time in and around the commune at weekends meeting and mixing with the children and families.


Taking time out to spend the weekends in Siem Reap socialising with other volunteers and backpackers and enjoying the nightlife in and around Pub Street, and of course, visiting the amazing Temples of Angkor Wat.

For additional information on activities of what to do/see check out the Lonely Planet Guide and others. Local guide and information books are provided free in Siem Reap and can be obtained in many outlets.

We suggest that prior to arrival that contact be made with Mr Sophach in order that arrangements can be made for your transportation to the project site. This will probably be by Tuk Tuk at a cost of about 20$ but Mr Sophach will advise what is best at the time.

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