My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia


We are fortunate to have sponsors who have contributed to the initial setup costs of MHV Cambodia. We are grateful for their continuing support. We realize that there are many pressures placed upon the good nature of donors. Day by day we are making efforts to be less financially dependent on donors and more financially viable within our own right but NOW we still require your support.

Please help this community based project if you are able.

Every donation however small, goes directly to the projects, children and village community.

Examples of how your donation can help:

  • 10$ will provide a government school uniform for a student
  • 10$ will cover books, school materials per student.
  • 30$ will sponsor a student on an annual basis.
  • 50$ will provide a bicycle for a student. 

Water and Sanitation

  • 20$US will provide an individual water filter
  • 350$US will provide a WC for one of our poorest families.

We are proud of our community and our project, run by Cambodians for Cambodians with help from our Western friends.

Investing in today’s Cambodian children will help Cambodia grow into a modern self supporting country with a safe future after many years of tyranny, war, oppression and turmoil.

Thank you.

Bank details

We have a Cambodian bank account with a transparent policy that all donations will be properly accounted for and details available for inspection.

Bank Account  (Cambodia)

Bank: ACLEDA Bank Plc
Head Office
Phnom Penh

Account name: My Happy Village Cambodia

Account no: 0100-01-143455-1-5


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