My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia



The primary object of our organization is to increase the opportunities of the young people in this rural area of Cambodia by providing a sound basis of English education to compliment the standard education received from Government school. It is hoped that by offering this additional English curriculum the parents will be influenced to allow their children to continue education beyond primary level (grades 1 – 6). At present many children leave school prematurely or abandon school altogether. Our  NGO schooling is complementary to the Cambodian national strategic development plan for general education in rural areas. It is stressed that the education provided by MHV Cambodia is not considered as a replacement for the general education provided by the local school nor will it be contrary to any of the cultural or religious values held by the students and/or their parents.

We feel that a quality and comprehensive early learner programme in English is an important motivator for the children who show a great willingness to learn.

At present we have 4 classrooms with 4 Cambodian teachers and 1 teaching assistant giving English lessons to 260 students during  day and evening classes. 

Owing to the structure of government school we hold classes in the morning and in the afternoon (daily total of six classes of 30 students).

Those students that attend Public school in the afternoon take English class in the morning. Classes start at 8am until 11am. Those students attending Public school in the morning attend English classes in the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm.

Each course of learning  covers a 12 month period of 3 semesters, each of 4 months duration. The course is based upon English learning syllabuses’ such as the “New Headway” series supported with individual lesson plans made by the teachers. The teaching staff motivate the students using interesting and fun techniques, together with regular testing. Small educational prizes are considered as a reward for good work at end of term exams .

Health Education Awareness Programme

The health condition of children in this remote area is a continuing issue for their families and the Cambodian government health officials. For example, yearly surveys by local authority communes and NGOs show that on average one child suffers 3 illnesses per month (diarrhoea, fever, dysentery, upper respiratory infection….etc) however they only receive one medical treatment. The lack of medical treatment is exacerbated as the families have an expense of at least 2.5$ for each medical visit which places a huge financial burden upon the family when their average daily income can be  less 1$ (the poverty line defined by the Cambodian government is 45 US cents/day.)

Therefore health education, prevention and awareness are very important to all the villagers. We include a programme of health education subjects within the school curriculum which are taught during Friday classes. We expect that through these classes the children will be responsive to  basic health issues and share the information with their families thereby benefiting the whole community.

Prevention is better than cure      Proverb

Social Programme

Our social programme attempts to be all inclusive for the members of the villages by offering support to the very poor and needy families. This takes the form of individual projects based on making an inclusive society.

Drop by drop the container fills      Proverb

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