My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia

Continuing on from the weather report of March update. On 26th April the school grounds and our classrooms were hit by high winds. Trees were brought down and we lost 50 roofing sheets. Fortunately no one was injured although the students were in class. We were fortunate to receive a donation from Mr and Mrs Jewel (Spain) to cover the costs. Thanks to them. The following day the kitchen at the Volunteer house suffered the same fate and lost its roof. In both cases repairs have been made and school life continues.

The school trip with 120 in total was a success and enjoyed by all students. The teachers and helpers on the other hand were physically drained after ensuring the safety and security of their charges in a very busy Siem Reap in Cambodian New Year mode.

Srey Da’s improvement continues slowly. Myself and Sophach returned to Hospital with her, her father to meet with the surgeon and the physio. A new rehabilitation programme has been given with monthly reviews. The Physio is confident that overtime Srey Da will walk normally but she has to work hard with the exercise programme that she has been given.

In April we had meetings at the Area Education Office in Puok to discuss our on going relationship and the sharing of ideas. Also a meeting was held in Siem Reap for NGO’s to be updated on local and government dictates as a new NGO law for Cambodia was passed last July. We already comply with the new requirements without change to our Bye Laws. Interestingly the number of NGO in Siem Reap fell by 70 to 143 in 2015.This indicates to us that our programme and associations are bearing fruit where others re failing. However, like many organisations, it is increasingly difficult to maintain funds and garner financial support.

Our association with Clarendon Cottage school in Manchester continues with a new set of penfriend letters being delivered in May.

A new association has been suggested by Botwell House School in West London. MHVc and Cambodia has been discussed in connected with International Children’s Week. Teacher Mr Maclaulan is enthusiastic as to how we can work together and hopes to visit us in August this year. We look forward to his visit and further contact.

I was able to visit Hornsea Sixth Form in East Yorkshire, UK in May and had further discussions with the sixth form staff for the proposed visit in June/July 2017.

We now have a friend in Bynhoffnant, West Wales, UK who wishes to make penfriends with some of our evening class students. We are hoping this will be a further extension of sharing cultural values and different lifestyles.

Completion of the dirt road was due before the raining season and some early provision of electricity supply poles has been undertaken but when, how and the costs have not been stated. I suspect that this will not happen for sometime yet to come. Probably the cost to our villagers will make supply unobtainable. We shall see.

We have been allocated 50 tickets for the Circus in Siem Rep via Voleck and Andy at V and A Villa guesthouse. Sophach is arranging which students will be lucky to go on the trip and MHVc will provide a coach as transport.

Good luck to you all.

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