My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia

1. Srey Da our student with walking difficulties continues to improve after her surgery last July but it is slow progress. A further visit with the surgeon is planned for late April for further medical appraisal.

2. In December and January MHVc were very fortunate to have had volunteers from Poland and UK. Igor and Anna, Pawal and, Ewa, Andy and Asia from Poland and Sally from UK. All of these friends contributed in many ways and were a great help to Sophach and Chunney the teachers. They have remained in contact and have offered help, contact and assistance in the future. Thanks so much guys, it its really appreciated.

3. On personal notes. Sophach and his wife Kim had a baby girl named Somavattei – Novemeber 16th and Chunney married on 3rd January 2016.

4. At long last work has started on the dirt road through the villages and the water gullies have been deepened and made wider to help monsoon water disperse quicker and limit flooding. Only time will tell whether this is will be effective.

5. The Horse Race event in Spain was postponed until 19th February 2016. 74 people attended an enjoyable evening and a total of 1020 euro was raised. Thanks to all our supporters and donors of this event.

6. We have been contacted by a senior school in Hornsea, UK to discuss the feasibility of a visit by 6th form pupils in July 2017.
This is an exciting project which we hope will come to fruition.

7. We have arranged our annual school trip (100+ students) to Siem Reap this year. We intend that the students will visit a silk farm, explore a modern supermarket and shopping Mall. See Siem Reap by night with the lights for Cambodian New Year. Last, but not least indulge in burgers, chips and ice cream all of which will be new tastes for all of them. I will let you all know how this went.

8. Even here in Cambodia we are not immune from changing weather cycles. It is hotter and drier than usual and this last week we have seen temperatures in the mid 40sC. For a Westerner like me, I cannot get enough water.

Here’s hoping MHVc continues to thrive.

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