My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia

To all those that have followed our progress and have supported MHVc we all wish you a very happy New Year 2015. We hope that life will be good to you all wherever you maybe and whatever you are doing.

MHVc continues to grow stronger and we have now entered our 4th year of operation.

Teacher Kim Orn has joined us and is now teaching in Class B. She is the wife of Sophach, our School Director, and they married 15th November 2014.

In November MHVc formed an association with Clarendon Cottage Preparatory School, Manchester, England. We have received a lifestyle project from Clarendon Cottage. The students were greatly interested in its content and completed a 10 folder project on village lifestyle, Cambodia. It was hoped that this project could be delivered by Sophach and myself in Manchester but UK Visas refused his application. There is an ongoing communication between MHVc and UK authority. However we arranged a visa and travel to Spain for Sophach (not from MHVc funds) and he was with us from 15th Dec to 16th Jan. This was an educational visit as well as tourist and he was able to meet sponsors and donors. Although he did not get to UK he was able to communicate with Clarendon School via Skype. I will be presenting our project in Manchester 30th January 2015.

We are currently in further liason with Free to Shine NGO who are interviewing more of our girl students for bursaries towards their continuing education. An update will follow.

I am able to further report that the water filtration system (via Habitat for Humanity) established next to the MHVc school building is working well and clean water available not just for the students but villagers as well. Habitat have also during December constructed 2 new WC’s for the students use. A number of villagers have also benefited from water filters in their houses. We extend our appreciation to Habitat and the groundwork for these developments by OEP Oann, our Honorary Associate.

Panasonic, Japan has donated 24 Solar powered lanterns to MHVc. We have issued 7 lanterns to evening class students to assist with their night time homework. 12 lanterns to Barsat school to assist the teaching staff and students. The remaining lanterns provide lighting in the Volunteer House and bathroom and for use of the teachers in preparing lesson notes during the evenings for next days schooling. A presentation was held at MHVc of the lanterns and photos are on the gallery

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