My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

My Happy Village Cambodia

Bringing education, health and hope to the people in the Prey Chrouk Commune of Cambodia

1. Most importantly during the month of July there was an outbreak of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease amongst children in Cambodia. 52 children died from the effects of this illness and many others were affected. This is an illness affecting mainly children under 10 and in under 5’s can be fatal. We had two students in Class B infected and were taken to hospital. A number of other commune children were also affected but no fatalities. We closed our school for 1 week on the advice from Cambodian Health Ministry and the WHO. We are now back teaching. We believe that our lessons in health awareness contributed to the low number of cases of this illness in the commune. It was/is spread by poor hygiene and compounded by malnutrition. It is related to the EV71 entrovirus group.

2. We are please to receive two volunteers, Jane from UK and Kate from Australia, both of whom are enjoying their time teaching and with the children.

3. We are actively looking for donations and sponsors for our ongoing projects. In our project list we can now say that a 10000 m2 plot for our own school building will cost IRO $10,000. This is a major step for us and we ask that if any groups, businesses etc are able to support us, Rob at email: would love to hear from you and discuss our requirements.

4. For readers in Spain we had a full page article on my Happy Village Cambodia Oganisation in the local newspaper “Roundtown News” which covers the Costa Blanca area.

4. Dates for the diary in Spain: 7th September 2012 a Dinner Dance at the El Comercio restaurant, Denia and 15th September a fashion show in Benidolieg. For details contact

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