New school for Mhvc

During October 2018 we embarked on reforming a house in Kralagh town ( some 20 Kms) from Mhvc into an English teaching school for local students and residents in this area. This school will be know as “The Academy for English Education”.

The school will follow the tried and tested template used by Mhvc.  It will offer a 3 year course to 120 day students and a class of evening students/adults.  There will be a small payment for attending this school. Any  excess revenues will be directed towards Mhvc to maintain its status as a “Free” school for poor village children.

This is an exciting development for us after 7 years of unrivalled success to date.  Permissions and support has been obtained from the Provincial governor (Siem Reap) and the Ministry of youth, education and sport.

Watch this space as to its opening (January 2019) and its future progress.

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